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Boutique law firm that works closely with banks from all over the world, we are often asked to provide legal consul in cases which involve international law in general and the laws of the Off Shore countries and overseas territories in particular, as such we are qualified to advise regarding these. The firm has clients from all over the world. Our firm is working closely with processing companies and our legal opinion is accepted by all of them. Moshe Strugano and Co Law Firm also provides Trust agreement, Nominee services.
Moshe Strugano is the owner of Moshe Strugano and Co, which is a global law firm, offering businesses, companies, institutions, and persons with complete and multi-disciplinarian legal guidance in setting up and increasing their activities to new global forums. Moshe Strugano firm is one of the leading law firms in Israel. The firm offers the best services to companies interested in transferring their business into the global arena.


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