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Located at 8615 N. University, Peoria, IL 61615, River City Preschool stands as a beacon of high-quality early education for young learners. Reachable at (309) 693-5757, our preschool is dedicated to nurturing the potential of each child through a blend of academic and physical education, wrapped in a cocoon of creativity and care.

At River City Preschool, we understand that the foundation of a child’s future is laid at an early age. Hence, we offer a comprehensive, cognitively-based curriculum tailored for children from infancy to 12 years. Our primary objective is not just to educate but to ignite a passion for learning in every child. Through a balanced approach that includes early childhood education, preschool with aftercare, and preschool with latchkey services, we cater to the varied needs of young families.

Our facilities are designed to encourage kids to explore and learn at their own pace. We believe in fostering an environment where physical activity is just as important as academic pursuit. With specialized services like a youth gym and youth fitness programs, we ensure that children receive ample opportunities to develop physically. Our day care and childcare services are both secure and nurturing, ensuring parents can feel confident in the safety and care their children receive during their time with us.

At River City Preschool, our team is what makes us truly unique. Each member of our staff is not only highly trained but also deeply compassionate. They are committed to creating a fun-filled environment where children can build lifelong friendships, enhance their self-esteem, and develop a lasting love for learning.

Beyond just serving the members of the Clubs at River City, we open our doors to the entire Peoria community, offering affordable options without compromising on quality. Our hours of operation, from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, are designed to accommodate the schedules of busy parents, ensuring that River City Preschool is a convenient and accessible choice for all families seeking exceptional early education solutions.

In sum, River City Preschool is not just another preschool; it is a community hub where children flourish, families feel supported, and lifelong learners are born. Whether you’re seeking a stimulating early childhood education or reliable aftercare in Peoria, Illinois, our preschool is here to meet your needs with excellence and warmth. Come join us, where your child’s educational journey begins with fun and friendship at every turn.

Early childhood education,
Preschool with aftercare,
Preschool with latchkey,
Youth gym,
Youth fitness,
Day Care,

Mon-Fri 6:30am to 5:30pm

8615 N. University Peoria, IL, 61615

Contact Number:(309)693-5757

Visit our Website: https://rivercitypreschool.com

Service Areas: Peoria, IL, USA : Bellevue, IL, USA : Alta, IL 61615, USA : Bartonville, IL, USA : East Peoria, IL, USA : West Peoria, IL, USA : Dunlap, IL 61525, USA : Norwood, IL 61604, USA : Peoria Heights, IL, USA : Mossville, IL 61552, USA : Pottstown, IL 61615, USA : Hanna City, IL 61536, USA : Princeville, IL


* early childhood education* preschool with aftercare* preschool with latchkey* youth gym* youth fitne

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